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flipgrid this is the site where you will be recording yourself speakingrépondez a la question de votre week-end.
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qu'est-ce que vous faisiez quand vous étiez jeune?

Lingt language

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pour me contacter: OR
I would recommend sending me an email to BOTH accounts because sometimes I don not get emails sent to sbakey for some reason.

Use the pages to the left to find assignments, links, and information to help your study this year!'

how to type accents. If you are using powerpoint or anything on the internet you must use the alt keys!

In word you can also just set langauge to French and it will highlight word give you the correct accent

Extra credit
classzone (book website)

Mme howard powerpoints
mme howrd activites
go to the unit where we are and do activites,print and hand in for extra credit
once finished with a session print out final summary sheet that shows how long and how many questions answered.

NEW - If you find any other online resource that you used for practice or study, show me what you did and I will give you extra credit!!!